• Bipartisan. Pro-Israel. Pro-peace.

    Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee

  • What We Do

    DIPAC is Duke University's bipartisan pro-Israel advocacy organization. Our mission is to support and strengthen the US-Israel relationship.


    Direct political action for direct political results.
    We conduct letter-writing workshops, call Congressional offices, and schedule meetings with our representatives in Congress to accomplish our goals. We understand that the best way to influence Congressional decisions is to make sure our voices are heard.


    Create dialogue necessary to broaden the conversation.
    We form genuine relationships with student leaders and give them the tools they need to be a confident pro-Israel advocate. We provide opportunities for interested students to go to national activism workshops as well as the annual AIPAC Policy Conference.


    Give information for deeper understanding.
    We bring speakers to campus, organize op-eds to be published in Duke University's student newspaper the Chronicle as well as international publications, and keep student leaders appraised of current events.
  • Who We Are

    The 2015-2016 Executive Board

    Tyler Fredricks


    Albert Antar

    Executive Vice President

    Allison Hubert


    Amy Kramer

    Campus Legislative Coordinator (CLC)

    Daniel Abravanel

    Cadre Curriculum Coordinator (CCC)

    Sydney Sarachek

    Campus Media Coordinator (CMC)

    Eidan Jacob

    Democrat Liaison

    Barak Biblin

    Republican Liaison

    David Orenstein

    Graduate Student Liaison

    Kyra Josephson

    Campus Logistics Coordinator

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